Neck Massage Patch

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This Neck Massage Patch is MIRACLE pain reliever, fully-featured, high performance, quality massager which performs all traditional massaging tasks! It's truly compact size makes it ideal for on the go.    

Small, easily portable and super versatile! Suitable for whole body, shoulders, neck, waist, legs, elbow, knees, ankles, hands and more! Provides excellent arthritis pain relief and joint pain relief by targeting your sore or aching muscles.

  • Potent pain remover - removes annoying pain even faster than a traditional massagers
  • Super Lightweight & Compact size - easily fits in a carry on bag, even in your pocket! 
  • Multi-spot relief - with anatomic format easily adapts for whole body
  • 10 modes adjustable - easily switch modes for different intensities 



Usage mode: A~F (6 modes)

Frequency: 1~100Hz

Running time: 12 minutes

Output current: up to 9.8mA

Massage contact: 2

One Charge Durable Life

Charging only 2 Hours

Use every day for 15 min

Continuous use 10 days or so



1x Massage Hots

1x Massage Patch 

The AA batteries are not included.  

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